Sam Ramirez

Program Director for River Country 101.7

The community has been great to the radio station, they’ve been great to me; so that is why I love to give back.

What is something you love about your job?

My job allows me to give back to the community in so many different ways. Whether it is through the United Way or the American Cancer Society, my job offers me the opportunities to give back and there is really that connection with the community that I really feel like I get to do here at the radio station. The community’s been great to the Radio Station, they’ve been great to me; so that’s why I love to give back.

Any Lessons learned along the way you’d like to share?

Always treat everybody equally. To me it doesn’t matter what a person does in their profession, I always treat everybody the same. Never take for granted, in my opinion, your listeners, because without them there is no radio station, so I always try to be kind and treat everybody equally.

How about some Words of Wisdom for students?

EXPLORE. Sauk Valley Community College has so much to offer but it is up to you to take advantage of what Sauk Valley has. Always Be You. Stay true to yourself and everything will fall into place. Sometimes you have to have patience, but ultimately everything will come together.

I think every student should go to Sauk Valley Community College for two years. I think it’s great that we have a local community college right here in our area and I think more people should be taking advantage of it.

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